iOS Security

I’m sure both Google and Apple take security seriously when it comes to their mobile OS. But I actually place my trust in Apple over Google because Apple is the creator of the device and the OS. With that said they don’t allow people to look at their source code. Apple also does a pretty […]

Mobile device security

Mobile device apps. Who can we trust? A few tips on keeping your smartphone and its apps inside of your control. Check and research the app developer. Have a look at the Ratings and reviews. Check the app permissions. Be specific and check location access. (Assuming you don’t want your location broadcasted) Be especially concerned […]

Flash Drive

The other day I noticed a flash drive on someone’s lanyard and I asked myself: I wonder what they have on their flash drive. Can you imagine the possibilities? Anything from work related information to personal W-4 forms or short stories. I would really have a fun time guessing what would be on an individual’s […]

Hot: Apple iPhone

One word can describe the feeling I had when I first saw what Steve Jobs had in mind in his keynote speech. Excitement! I believe the rumors were true folks. Apple has done it again. I believe they have taken the idea and ran with it here. Combining the audio player (iPod), phone, and network […]