Facebook Data

Told you so: Click¬†Here¬†and here It’s only the beginning folks. Someone is collecting and analyzing it all. Beware. I’ll say yes, I have a FB account, however, I don’t enter factual data. For example: I am from Slovakia.

Article on Data

Read This Keep in mind that there are people already collecting and examining data from social networking sites in order to study human behavior. If there is not then there should be. This is acceptable until that information is used to exploit our weaknesses as an individual, group or nation. On Google wireless situation: Think of […]

Cyber Warfare

Hello China, I see that you’ve been fingered for a number of recent computer attacks across the globe. Here and Here and God only knows where else you’ve raised the preverbal Red Flag. Something that the US public may or may not know is that you’ve been around the block once or twice when it comes to information […]