“Remember, though, you’re not hunting the healthy — you’re looking for the weak and overlooked.” —- Matt Walker This is my absolute favorite quote regarding cyber security that I’ve heard so far. It says so much. And resonates with me on a personal level.

Hacking RDP

So, for some time now, having an RDP port open to the web would probably mean trouble for you. A number of reasons you would not want to open that port up include being able to brute force the administrator account. Even if it has been renamed, it is not guaranteed to stop an attacker. […]

iOS Security

I’m sure both Google and Apple take security seriously when it comes to their mobile OS. But I actually place my trust in Apple over Google because Apple is the creator of the device and the OS. With that said they don’t allow people to look at their source code. Apple also does a pretty […]

Browser privacy settings

If you run Chrome or Firefox or any other of the popular browsers you can do a few things to the settings in order to keep your data a little more private. I’m talking more specifically about Google Chrome right now, but the same concept applies to all. Here’s some settings to look for: Turn […]

Australian Cyber Security Guide

Please read this guide for context. I love the attempt here to outline a simple strategy for defending technology assets. I will take what the Australian Government has laid out here and build upon it as it is a good foundation. Sometimes, it seems a nearly impossible task, but with the right energy focused on the right target, you’ll […]