Staying current

I think it goes without saying that any professional should stay current on information and tools in their field of practice. In the field of Information Technology this is difficult, but not impossible. I try to stay current by reading the newsfeeds, learning new tech or methods and communicating with colleagues. This way I can […]

Mobile device security

Mobile device apps. Who can we trust? A few tips on keeping your smartphone and its apps inside of your control. Check and research the app developer. Have a look at the Ratings and reviews. Check the app permissions. Be specific and check location access. (Assuming you don’t want your location broadcasted) Be especially concerned […]

Australian Cyber Security Guide

Please read this guide for context. I love the attempt here to outline a simple strategy for defending technology assets. I will take what the Australian Government has laid out here and build upon it as it is a good foundation. Sometimes, it seems a nearly impossible task, but with the right energy focused on the right target, you’ll […]

Advanced security controls

Many people are looking for a place to put their data and keep it private. Or not private, in some cases. What can you do to ensure highest security standards are in place and your data is protected from bad actors? Previously, I wrote a document covering some basic cyber security guidelines for the average […]