Cool new toys

Yesterday I went to a Microsoft {heroes} launch event. It was awesome. Free Mountain Dew, lunch bags (with food) and free software. Aside from all the free stuff I was pleased to find that it didn’t all seem like a big marketing seminar. I was actually impressed when the Evangelist (Kevin Remde) got into some nitty gritty of Windows Server 2008 product. Here is a link to his blog where you can find more info.

All in all I really enjoyed learning more about Windows Server 2008 capabilities. Their software seems really good. Now, the only question remains is Is it good for my company? or How can we use that technology here?. Those are the only other questions I must ponder as a Sys Admin.

One of the big features I’m interested in is Virtualization with Hyper-V. I really liked seeing it in action. It was only the beta version Kevin demoed so it had some bugs (one of which we were able to witness).

At the end of the event we were all given copies of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Visual Basic 2008 and Windows Vista Ultimate. This was really AWESOME!!! We were all told it is to be used for evaluation and testing purposes only. As a matter of fact I’ve installed Vista on my MacBook and am using it right now to type this blog. Pretty nifty software if you ask me. It’s not for everyone, but its pretty nice. Some of the features resemble OSX features closely. Things like the Windows sidebar with Gadgets. Anyways, I’m not doing a review of Vista just yet, but you get the idea. Vista has some great potential and I’m looking forward to continue to test it.

Ubuntu v Vista

Here is an interesting article comparing Windows Vista and Ubuntu desktop systems.

Are we to the point where we can compare the two? Are we to the point where ligitimate amount of CIOs are going to ask themselves which is better for their business environment? I don’t think so (at least in my industry), but others do. Linux is still more of a server and engineering workstation desktop IMHO.

In the next 5-10 years, Ubuntu may be a viable option for people in my industry, but not as it is now. The users and applications aren’t ready for it.