Halo Effect [Review]

About the Author

This book really is great if you want balance between the Follow our success plan! business management books. In the very first chapter we realize how little we really know about the business world and how it is studied in famous books such as In Search of Excellence and Good to Great. We really can’t predict the things that happen out there as much as we can predict we will be hit by a speeding train on the way to work. Well maybe that wasn’t exactly what the book was going for, but it’s true. More or less the book introduces us to several key points to remember when reading any business/management blueprint.

The biggest mistake in these types of success blueprint books are this: The Halo Effect. It’s that simple. We put that Halo on successful companies when we talk about what the company did to get successful. If you see a company doing well then it seems like a good idea to practice their management style and follow in their footsteps as much as possible.

Good idea?
Why not?

Correlation does not prove causation.

There are more factors that play in the success of a company (like risk) than just internal management and capabilities. Things like competition, environment and position play a huge role in the success of a company and ultimately it’s image. This is what many of the success blueprint books overlook.

Halo Effect opens up your mind to new views on old ideas. Check it out. I know I’m not doing it justice by only touching on the topics here.