Cyber Warfare

Hello China, I see that you’ve been fingered for a number of recent computer attacks across the globe.

Here and Here and God only knows where else you’ve raised the preverbal Red Flag.

Something that the US public may or may not know is that you’ve been around the block once or twice when it comes to information gathering activities (and so has the US). This should come as no surprise to anyone that China has hacked into or attacked US DoD computers previously. The US (I’m sure) has done it to yours as well. This is one big circle of hacking that only draws the spotlight of the media when one of us gets caught.

I have faith in the US government’s security systems to the extent that any major potentially harmful or undermining data security threat is taken care of with extreme prejudice. It would not be in the best interest of the country if any government put its protected systems up for attack via Internet by anyone. I’m not saying that important data can’t be lost or found, I’m just saying that there are very strict security measures in place to protect important DoD data. Not all the people who work for the US government are incompetent.

In the future wars will be waged on the Internet, through cyberspace. We are at that point in time where all sides are gearing up for the major battle. Who will come out on top? We will. Why? Because we have Steve Jobs. No, in all honesty, I believe that the ones who come out on top will be the ones who unplug everything. Sad state of affairs, but honestly how else can you survive a cyber war? By eliminating the battlefield all together is the only sure thing. Having all the computer geeks in the server room with you is another.

PS: Wow, I love this subject. I think I’ll go to the library and check out as many books as possible on the subject of Cyber Warfare and counterintelligence. Until then…